New Feature: Podcast Summaries

As an occasional feature of Engines of Delight, I’ve decided to post links to podcast episodes that are relevant in some way to multiplayer game server architecture. I’ll Identify these in the post titled with the prefix [Podcast].

I’ve listened to software development podcasts for a couple of years now. I’ve found them to be amazingly informative and interesting, not at all what I first expected. No matter what the topic is, I almost always learn something useful. I’ve found that, even for topics that sound exceedingly dry, if I keep my mind open, I’m usually hooked in just a few minutes.

The podcasts that I listen to most often are:

Podcast Summaries will contain a brief summary of the podcast and link to the content on the podcast’s official site. I will usually copy this content directly from the official show notes. Unless I indicate otherwise, all content of these posts should be attributed to the podcast’s official site.


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