Core Game Functionality

Core game functionality includes systems, features, components, and data that together create the essential game experience for the player. This differs from game to game, but typically includes all systems that are rule-based or data-driven using values which game designers specify, and systems intended to make the game “fun”.

Examples for multiplayer games, especially MMOs, include character systems such as customization, abilities, skills, and stats, and game systems such as combatinventory, crafting, missions/quests, AI and NPCs, and the like. Examples may also include movement, physics, and in-world dynamic object behavior, especially when game state or rules affect that behavior. Other systems such as economy/trade and social systems may also qualify as core game play, depending on the game design.

Systems such as login/logout, authentication, persistence, server transfer, character selection and other support systems may be critical, but usually aren’t considered part of core game play.


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