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TWD: No Man's Land is Next Games' most recent mobile MMO.

[Podcast] Hanselminutes: Scaling The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Scott Hanselman talks with Next Games’ CTO, Kalle Hiitola, about the server architecture of their newest game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. This is a great opportunity for those of us interested in game server development to learn from others’ real-world experience.


[Presentation] Building Scalable Stateful Services

I was researching stateful distributed systems for an article today and found a post on High Scalability that was a perfect fit. It’s an unofficial transcript of a StrangeLoop 2015 talk by Caitie McCaffrey, Tech Lead for Observability at Twitter. I read the transcript first, then felt compelled to watch the presentation.


[Discussion] A Journey Into MMO Server Architecture

I discovered this post today while doing some research for another post I’m writing. It’s about the server architecture of the sci-fi MMO sandbox game, Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion, published by Nexeon Technologies. The post is a couple of years old, but I think the topics are still important. Sadly, the game was recently shut down. However, … Continue reading [Discussion] A Journey Into MMO Server Architecture


[Podcast] SE-Radio: Rebecca Parsons on Evolutionary Architecture

The concept of evolutionary architecture is a good fit for game server development. Game servers are complex enough to warrant a disciplined focus on building a good architecture. Yet, game development is very subjective, and making a great game is an exercise in evolution. The five principles of evolutionary architecture discussed in this podcast can help us in evolving a solid game server architecture.


[Discussion] Ultima Online Server Architecture

I recently ran across a Quora discussion from a few years ago about the technology stack of Ultima Online’s original servers. In it, a few of the game’s developers recall some of the game’s early server architecture decisions and their outcomes. It’s an interesting read with some good real-life insights. Source: What was the technology stack … Continue reading [Discussion] Ultima Online Server Architecture


[Podcast] SE Radio: Software Architecture Sketches with Simon Brown

Podcast Summary Simon Brown, author of Software Architecture for Developers, talks with Sven Johann about using Software Architecture Sketches to visualize, communicate and document software architecture.


[Podcast] SE Radio: Stefan Tilkov on Architecture and Micro Services

Podcast Summary Micro services is an emerging trend in software architecture that focuses on small, lightweight applications as a means to avoid large, unmaintainable, monolithic systems.


[Podcast] DotNetRocks: Marc Mercuri and Mark Simms Build Resilient Cloud Applications

Podcast Summary Carl and Richard talk to Marc Mercuri and Mark Simms about resilient cloud architecture. The conversation starts out focused on the white paper called ‘FailSafe’ and the guidance it provides for building resilient cloud applications – but the information is applicable to any large scale system running on any sort of infrastructure.

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