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Pattern: Seamless World Game Server


How do we create a game server that permits unlimited freedom of movement and game play on an expansive map with no apparent boundaries?


We are developing the server for a massively multiplayer online game with a client-server architecture. The game design seeks to create an immersive play experience by enabling thousands of players to interact with each other in a single huge virtual world. Continue reading Pattern: Seamless World Game Server

[Discussion] Ultima Online Server Architecture

Ultima Online: Charter Edition: Hildebrandt Print
Ultima Online: Charter Edition: Hildebrandt Print shared by UO Journal under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

I recently ran across a Quora discussion from a few years ago about the technology stack of Ultima Online’s original servers. In it, a few of the game’s developers recall some of the game’s early server architecture decisions and their outcomes. It’s an interesting read with some good real-life insights.

Source: What was the technology stack driving the original Ultima Online servers? – Quora

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My name is Matthew Walker, and I’m the creator and maintainer of Engines of Delight.

I’m a veteran software engineer and game developer, and I’ve done server-side development on large-scale MMO projects for several years. I’ve written server code for game systems, networking, movement and physics, persistence, back-end support services, and various tools that support all that. Continue reading About Matthew Walker