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Invest in your Development Environment

Software architecture is about the big picture of development. It’s also about identifying and managing engineering risk. The development team is at the nexus of these two concepts. The team is your greatest asset, and the greatest contributor to the success of any software architecture. The big picture revolves around the development team and its ability to create the software for your game.

The team’s development environment is a cornerstone of its ability to deliver. A team with inadequate tools or support to do the work required is at least inefficient, if not ineffective. A team with an inferior development environment is a likely source of engineering risk. Continue reading Invest in your Development Environment

[Podcast] SE-Radio: Rebecca Parsons on Evolutionary Architecture

The concept of evolutionary architecture is a good fit for game server development. Game servers are complex enough to warrant a disciplined focus on building a good architecture. Yet, game development is very subjective, and making a great game is an exercise in evolution. The five principles of evolutionary architecture discussed in this podcast can help us in evolving a solid game server architecture. Continue reading [Podcast] SE-Radio: Rebecca Parsons on Evolutionary Architecture

Mysterious Monoliths by John Picken

Pattern: Monolithic Architecture


What is the game server’s deployment architecture?


We are developing the server for a multiplayer online game with a client-server architecture.

The game design seeks to create engaging game play within fixed technical and resource constraints. It trades game play features against number of concurrent players, player immersion, and size or complexity of the game world to simplify implementation, deployment, and maintenance. Continue reading Pattern: Monolithic Architecture