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Invest in your Development Environment

Software architecture is about the big picture of development. It’s also about identifying and managing engineering risk. The development team is at the nexus of these two concepts. The team is your greatest asset, and the greatest contributor to the success of any software architecture. The big picture revolves around the development team and its ability to create the software for your game.

The team’s development environment is a cornerstone of its ability to deliver. A team with inadequate tools or support to do the work required is at least inefficient, if not ineffective. A team with an inferior development environment is a likely source of engineering risk. Continue reading Invest in your Development Environment

[Discussion] A Journey Into MMO Server Architecture

Face of Mankind Screen Shot
Face of Mankind Screen Shot from http://www.faceofmankind.com/ © 2014 Face of Mankind

I discovered this post today while doing some research for another post I’m writing. It’s about the server architecture of the sci-fi MMO sandbox game, Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion, published by Nexeon Technologies.

The post is a couple of years old, but I think the topics are still important. Sadly, the game was recently shut down. However, I think the article is still worth reading. It’s a nice summary of some high-level MMO server architecture concepts. It’s also a pretty good survey of some possible deployment architectures used by MMO projects.

This is definitely relevant to our topic here at Engines of Delight, so I thought I’d highlight it as a resource. Note that the post describes the Distributed Network Connections pattern in its mention of the Proxy Server. It also discusses some patterns that I will write about in the future. When I post those, I’ll update these notes with relevant links.

Anyway, it’s a good read, so enjoy. Cheers to Marko Dieckmann of the Face of Mankind dev team for writing it!

Source: A Journey Into MMO Server Architecture – MMORPG.com Blogs

Mysterious Monoliths by John Picken

Pattern: Monolithic Architecture


What is the game server’s deployment architecture?


We are developing the server for a multiplayer online game with a client-server architecture.

The game design seeks to create engaging game play within fixed technical and resource constraints. It trades game play features against number of concurrent players, player immersion, and size or complexity of the game world to simplify implementation, deployment, and maintenance. Continue reading Pattern: Monolithic Architecture

Homefront - Multiplayer Screenshot

Know what to Build: Assessing Impacts

In an earlier post I described some multiplayer game types and identified several clues about the server architecture required to build each type. Now I want to take a closer look at some of those clues to see how they can help us know what to build. Continue reading Know what to Build: Assessing Impacts

Words are hard. Game servers are nontrivial.

Engines of Delight is a blog about multiplayer game server architecture. Continue reading Words are hard. Game servers are nontrivial.